Who are the Interfaith Chaplains? 

                Airport Chaplains are in many ways like Chaplains at hospitals, in the military, prisons and other government  entities.  In the airport we are specially trained to assist the airport management and security to maintain a safe and secure environment.  Our main purpose is to serve as a source of spiritual and emotional support for airport and contractor staff as well as passengers suffering from anxiety.

                As ordained members of the clergy we are held to the standard of protecting the privileged communications of our clients.  We serve to empathetically listen to the concerns of others, and interact with compassion and care as appropriate.  In this process we can provide comfort and understanding from an objective and concerned viewpoint.

                As ministers of our respective faith disciplines we are particularly ready to stand by those who are in the midst of  emergency health events, or even near death.  We are ready, willing, able, and accustomed to counseling military travelers who suffer from anxiety from uncertainly of their future in the face of a dangerous assignment.  We can also be relied upon to support immigrants who are being detained for examination and processing.




We hold firmly to the belief that there is no good without God, no matter where you travel.

Catholic Deacon James Martin